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About Us

The Energy Institute of Louisiana (EIL) is the lead Research & Development (R&D) entity on the campus of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for energy related issues and the leading research unit in Louisiana for energy technology related R&D. It is an internationally recognized center of expertise for energy related technology development with numerous on-going global partnerships.

The EIL is funded through both university and external funding resources. It serves as a resource for state, federal, and industrial partners.

The EIL also serves as a foundation for UL Lafayette for the education of future energy experts at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. It is also strives to provide an excellent source for the technology transfer of energy related information.

Energy related research areas of prime focus for the EIL include petroleum resource development; chemical production using traditional and green-based processes; power production from alternative sources; energy conservation and use optimization; and environmental protection. The EIL is championing the smart integration of traditional fossil fuels with developing, yet cost effective alternative energy production mechanisms. Its overarching goal is to provide the world with cheap, sustainable energy and chemicals that do not have a negative ecological footprint. To support this goal, the EIL is comprised of four integrated, yet independent research centers (see the organization chart below).  The organizational design illustrated above highlights EIL’s commitment to all things energy and represents essentially a “one stop shop” for those parties interested in energy and its use.  Hence, the EIL is the primary point of contact for energy systems at UL Lafayette.