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Center for Optimization of Petroleum Systems

The Center for Optimization of Petroleum Systems (COPS) focuses on technology development that improves the success of product discovery, increases access to and the improved collection of petroleum products (oil and natural gas), and extents the life of existing fields while reducing the cost for both discovering and collecting this valuable resource. Additionally, the COPS ensures that these activities are performed within the field without any ecological damage. 

The COPS is led by Dr. Boyun Guo, of UL Lafayette's Petroleum Engineering department, who is internationally recognized for his pioneering work on product recovery using both primary and enhanced recovery methods. The COPS involves faculty from a wide variety of departments with both petroleum engineering and geology serving as key lead units for COPS R&D activities.

Some example projects underway at the COPS are listed below:
  1. Optimization of fracking methodologies
  2. Development of drilling fluid using waste activated sludge as an organic base
  3. Formulation of novel drilling muds
  4. Use of advanced data systems for optimizing exploration activities
Dr. Boyun Guo (Petroleum Engineer)
Director for the Center for Optimization of Petroleum Systems (COPS)

Home Academic Unit: Petroleum Engineering

Key Areas of Expertise: Petroleum resource development; enhanced oil recovery; drilling optimization; and product development


Phone: 337-482-6558

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