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Our Mission


The Energy Institute of Louisiana at the University of Louisiana serves as an internationally recognized center of expertise for the development, implementation, and optimization of technologies used for the discovery, production, and management of energy and the impacts of these activities on ecological systems.


  1. Perform world class research
  2. Provide our sponsors with more than expected R&D outcomes
  3. Provide our students with a unique and strong educational experience
  4. Provide EIL stakeholders with a unique, well-equipped, and friendly R&D environment
  5. Provide an open, free thinking ecosystem
  6. Perform research for a reason (aggressively seek commercialization opportunities)
  7. Ensure that ecological protection and process sustainability is addressed in all processes
  8. Provide an open and informative forum for interested parties
  9. Be a key asset to Louisiana
  10. Aggressively publish and present our results in national and international information vectors
  11. Be a partner that is faithful to the team
  12. Stimulate interdisciplinary R&D
  13. Strongly support inclusion and diversity
  14. Seek out international partnerships
  15. Be a strong resource for growing the professional careers of our team members