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Center for Environmental Protection

The Center for Environmental Protection (CEP) directs its R&D efforts toward reducing the adverse ecological impact of engineered systems, reducing the pollution potential of urban areas, waste reduction, waste stream treatment, and contaminated site remediation. The CEP team has worked at over 100 facilities with reducing their carbon footprint, cleaning their waste streams, and/or remediating polluted areas. Over $40M of R&D funding has been generated from external sources by the CEP team with these funds hailing from DoD, DOE, EPA, and USDA. Additionally substantial funds have been obtained from over 50 industrial partners and numerous state agencies. Key UL departments include Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, GeoSciences, Petroleum Engineering, Education, and Mechanical Engineering.

The director of the CEP is Dr. Mark E. Zappi, PE of the UL Chemical Engineering department. Dr. Zappi has generated over $30M of R&D funds, generated over 200 technical publications, and has over 2,000 citations to his credit. He has served as an expert to numerous industries, federal agencies, state governments, and other universities.

Some example projects underway at the CEP are listed below:
  1. Adsorption of organic pollutants onto novel polymeric adsorbents
  2. Use of composting as a method for disposal of spent biomass-based adsorbents
  3. Conversion of simple organic acids into lipid via aerobic biodegradation within activated sludge reactors
  4. Production of electrical power during activated sludge treatment of municipal wastewaters
  5. Reduction of biosolids using advanced digestion
Dr. Mark E. Zappi, P.E. (Chemical Engineer)
EIL Executive Director & Director of the Center for Environmental Protection

Home Academic Unit: Chemical Engineering

Key Areas of Expertise: Biofuels, Bioprocessing, Environmental Engineering, Energy Systems, Process Commercialization, & Chemical Production


Phone: 337-482-6686

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