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Student Research

The Institute actively engages students in the various research opportunities we are conducting. We train and mentor students of various research objectives. Some students are designated as Research Apprentice Students, who seek immersion into a research work they are interested in. Some are Student Workers, who seek on-campus employment and experience through research. The MS and PhD Students of various faculty collaborators conduct guided independent research works using the various facilities we have. We guide these students in all aspects of research work such as theoretical frameworks, experimental designs, data collection via physical or chemical analyses, data analysis and interpretation, and publishing. Most of the time, we just provide them with good on-campus company as they finish their degrees. Following are some remarks from these students.

Logan Pritchett, BS Chemical Engineering Student

"Finishing my third year at the Energy Institute, I am working on analyzing total organic and inorganic carbon analysis of wastewater treatment effluent using TOC analyzation equipment. I really love my apprenticeship because it allows me to be a part of big projects, and it is a joy to work with the people here!"

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Robert Smith, BS Chemical Engineering Student

“I work on a machine that is designed to shoot gas though a pipe, and we are testing the ability of certain compounds to remove sulfur from that gas. Before this project I was working on converting waste into fuel, which I really enjoyed, it was more hands on.”