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Center for Louisiana C1 Extension Service

The Louisiana C1 Extension Service (LC1ES) will provide the State of Louisiana with much-needed expertise and a repository of information on the management of C1 by providing guidance, technical input, and information to key stakeholders (industry, government, and policy makers), as the state moves toward achieving a net zero C1 release future. While the primary goal will be providing technical assistance and information to assist Louisiana’s industries, businesses, and policy makers with methods for reaching C1 emission reduction goals, minimizing adverse impacts to, and hopefully growing, Louisiana’s economy will also be a priority. Finally, the training of future professionals on the science and economics of net carbon neutral technical systems, dynamic business landscapes, and associated policies will also be points of interest for the LC1ES.

The LC1ES is led by Dr. Mark Zappi, PE of the UL Chemical Engineering department and Executive Director of the Energy Institute of Louisiana. Dr. Zappi has generated over $30M of R&D funds, generated over 200 technical publications, and has over 2,000 citations to his credit. He has served as an expert to numerous industries, federal agencies, state governments, and other universities. 

Some examples of services the LC1ES provides listed below:
  1. Ability to model the successful agricultural extension service model within the state and country
  2. Provide insights into future "green" jobs creations
  3. Provide advice on the required training/retraining needed to assit Lousiana's workforce
Dr. Mark E. Zappi (Petroleum Engineer)
Director for the Louisiana C1 Extension Service (LC1ES)

Home Academic Unit: Chemical Engineering

Key Areas of Expertise: Biofuels, Bioprocessing, Environmental Engineering, Energy Systems, Process Commercialization, & Chemical Production


Phone: 377-482-6686

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