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UL Civil Engineering Master's Student Attends Vertech in Canada

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Jonathan Trahan received an invitation to attend the 2017 VERTECH Summer School in Victoriaville Quebec. He attended the 10-day conference with the purpose of learning more about sustainable, "green" technologies and networking with professionals in the field.

Jonathan states that Victoriaville was an incredible venue for such an event because of how involved their local government is with these types of projects! Conference attendees heard guest speakers from local industries give talks about how their company implements green technologies into their everyday operations.

While there, Jonathan was lucky enough to be invited to see City Hall, The Cascade Facility, and Santimark.

Jonathan remarks, “I learned a lot of about emerging technologies such as organic waste treatment options, smart composting, and recycling facilities who employ the less fortunate to teach them skills necessary to life! Overall, I would say that the experience was an absolute pleasure and an honor that helped me greatly in my own research!”